Hackathon ODN @ Mairie du 18e

  September 2016      18th District's Paris City Hall        hackathon, Animation      

Hackathon ODN @ Mairie du 18e

The fourth edition of Open Democracy Now Hackathons cycle was held on the 16th, 17th and 18th of September 2016 at the town hall of the 18th district of Paris.

This project was officially launched in January 2016. It gathers a community of stakeholders who wish to bring new solutions to participatory democracy processes. This series of events is organized by Democracy OS France, Etalab, Open Law, Open Source Politics as well as “République citoyenne”. It aims at building a lasting community, backed by 15 projects during the entire year. Results were put forward in November, during Paris Open Source Summit as well as in December for Open Government Partnership international hackathon as part of the OGP toolbox. This fourth edition’s thematic was to bring remote people, especially the ones located in popular neighborhoods, into the democratic process.

Open Source Politics teams, in collaboration with the co-working space Studios Singuliers, handled the events by selecting a panel of speakers for the conference and bringing over 200 participants. We also prepared the happening with the 25 projects stakeholders and handled PR logistic concerns as well as animations during the event.

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