mars 2016      Ville de Nanterre        Public consultation platform      

After a 6 month collaboration with the city of Nanterre, we created the “” platform. It was built using open source tools like Drupal, Timeline.js and DemocracyOS. During the month of November 2015, we also organized a hackathon that aimed at bringing together representatives, citizens, webdesigners and public stakeholders in order to push the process forward. This platform allows citizens to stay aware and contribute to consultation campaigns, all the while keeping tracks of decision-making processes using the interactive timeline tool. We helped the city staff with technical aspects as well as strategical project management, team training, mockups and promotional messages for the platform.

“Les Assises de la ville” was the first consultation event to make use of the platform. It gathered 1559 citizens online who made 351 contributions, among which 195 were collective. You can find a report of this campaign here. So far, the site has been host to 6 consultation campaigns.

We were asked to build the second version of the portal. The main functionnality we added is collaborative mapping tool that we used for the “Fiber internet for all” which allowed to map more than 2000 household who want to have fiber internet and currently don’t ! To know more about this collaboration, check out article.

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