Arc de l'innovation

  Décembre 2016      Mairie de Paris        Call for projects, Collaborative cartography      

Arc de l'innovation

Launched at the end of 2015, the Innovation Arch is a major metropolitan project that aims at erasing the ring road that surrounds Paris and participate in the transformation of working-class neighborhoods through development and transport projects. The goal is to support the emergence of stakeholders of all sizes that innovate in the fields of economy, social matters, industry , Architecture and culture.

However, in order for this urban dynamic to improve the lives of lower-income neighborhoods inhabitants, it must be anchored in the local reality. The platform is the gathering point of this community, which already has more than 600 players (companies, institutions, investors, associations, cooperatives, individuals etc.).

The Paris City Council and the following public territorial collectivities : Plaine Commune, Est Ensemble and Grand-Orly Seine-Bièvre have trusted Open Source Politics, CivicWise and OuiShare to design and animate the Innovation Arch platform. The platform was launched on the anniversary of the Arch on December 8, 2016. It is a blog that deals with subjects related to the community but mostly, it is a hub to call for projects that could take place in the 50,000 m2 of premises available throughout the territory of the Arch. The platform was developed through Drupal 8. It is a reutilization of the permanent Agora of Nanterre, which we then adapted thanks to the skills we acquired while working with the City of Paris as well as through our collaborations with members of the Innovation Arch like CivicWise and OuiShare.

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