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For a tailor-made online participation platform

OSP is our tailor-made an offer

To respond as accurately as possible to our partners' requests, our teams are able to produce a customized platform that can integrate several engines of consultation and the construction of a community of users. Our working approach aims at exchanging as much as possible, not only with the administration we are working for but also with citizens, in order to co-create the tool that their community needs.


Support and exchanges with the partner teams.

Building the perfect digital tool involves repeated exchanges and successive iterations to adapt the tools, design a consultation and communication strategy, accompany on-line deployment and make sure the platform is used by the widest possible audience. Our experience enables us to work on all these issues during the months prior to the creation of such a system. As a matter of fact, we have produced a platform of this type for the town hall of Nanterre, an article transcribing this adventure is available here!


Support & consulting

A consultation process must be facilitated and brought to life. This requires time as well as specific skills (content creation, newsletters, collective intelligence workshops). It can be tricky to find internal resources, that is why we created this tailor made support & consulting offer which we can provide to your services




Open Source Politics is a solidarity economy company that builds participatory democracy open source tools. We provide technical and methodological support to both public and private stakeholders that are willing to engage in online or offline participation processes. We work on different types of projects: public consultations, participatory budgeting, collaborative decision-making, etc.
Our action is guided by the principles of open government: transparency, participation and cooperation. We are co-founded several Civic Tech : DemocracyOS France, Democracy Earth, hackathons Open Democracy Now.


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