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Participatory budgeting aims at involving citizens in the financial management of their city, their department, etc. A community wishing to set up a participatory budget will follow several steps: define the percentage of the total budget that will be allocated to the process and then collect citizens' proposals regarding the use of these funds. Finally, these proposals will be put to the test through voting and the best projects will then be set up. At a time when people are increasingly distrustful of politics, such an approach helps to restore the bond of trust between elected representatives and citizens by setting up a system of participation that enforces respect of the commitments made by all.

Consul is the reference tool when it comes to participatory budgeting.

Consul is an open source platform dedicated to civic participation that has been developed over the past two years by the Madrid City Council. In less than one year by more than 30 local authorities in Spain and Latin America, including the city councils of Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Buenos Aires.

The platform allows citizens to directly propose, support and decide on participatory budget expenditures throughout the city and neighborhoods, while providing the local institution with a complete administration interface to oversee all stages and evaluate proposals.

Participatory budgeting requires significant support

Since it has a direct impact on the use of public funds, such a process must be totally inclusive. For this reason, we work with field offices to present the principles and relevance of participatory budgets and to draw as many proposals as possible from the participants. We then help them improve these ideas to make them real investment projects.


Support & consulting

A consultation process must be facilitated and brought to life. This requires time as well as specific skills (content creation, newsletters, collective intelligence workshops). It can be tricky to find internal resources, that is why we created this tailor made support & consulting offer which we can provide to your services




Open Source Politics is a solidarity economy company that builds participatory democracy open source tools. We provide technical and methodological support to both public and private stakeholders that are willing to engage in online or offline participation processes. We work on different types of projects: public consultations, participatory budgeting, collaborative decision-making, etc.
Our action is guided by the principles of open government: transparency, participation and cooperation. We are co-founded several Civic Tech : DemocracyOS France, Democracy Earth, hackathons Open Democracy Now.


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